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On tonight’s AEW Dynamite, a milestone occasion as a set of title belts got a brand new look as there were new AEW World Trios Championship belts revealed. After a good crowd response and a ceremonial ribbon cutting (complete with giant pair of pink scissors), it was time for the Acclaimed to surprise Chicago with one more thing. Announcing that the trios title was now in the era of the “House of Ass” and they needed a refresh, revealing a new set of AEW World Trios Championship titles. With a bright pink leather strap, the ends of the leather straps also feature a signature detail especially for the Acclaimed. They’re scissors that can scissor themselves and each other! Also in...

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The Story of The Big Gold Belt

There are championship belts and then there are championship belts. Some have become so incredibly popular, they have created a life of their own. Such is the case with the title affectionately dubbed…’The Big Gold Belt.” There may have been titles with more prestige, but you’ll be hard pressed to find many others that hold as much in fans and wrestlers hearts than this very unique piece of wrestling history. It all started in 1985, when the National Wrestling Alliance commissioned a brand new world title belt be created to replace the often referred to ‘Ten Pounds of Gold’ title belt. The NWA domed world title was in use since 1973. The NWA was looking for a modern, new look...

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WWE Is Discussing Creating A New World Title

    WWE is considering creating a new world title to solve the problem of how to get a belt off of Roman Reigns without him losing. The report comes from Dave Meltzer (h/t Smita Singha Roy of Ringside News). In that report, he notes that there "remains a lot of talk" within WWE about creating a new title whichever brand Reigns does not wind up on. If he's exclusive to Raw, WWE will make a new title for SmackDown. If Reigns stays on SmackDown, they will make a new championship for Raw. The reason he might move to the red brand is if WWE holds another WWE Supplemental Draft.   Reigns is creating one of the most historic legacies in WWE...

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NEW NJPW World TV Title Belt

A new title has entered NJPW. At NJPW Declaration of Power, New Japan Pro-Wrestling unveiled the NJPW WORLD Television Championship.   Title matches will be contested with a 15-minute time limit. The focus will be on "high-paced matches" and "young talent." The tournament to crown the first-ever NJPW WORLD TV Champion begins this weekend and will conclude at NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 17. Title matches will stream for free on NJPW World social media.        

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The NWA is still plugging away as they continue bringing that classic pro wrestling touch to fans. Now, they have revamped US Tag Team Title belts as well The October 29th episode of NWA USA included Billy Corgan unveiling the new NWA US Tag Team Championship belts. According to Billy Corgan, the design of the new belts takes inspiration from the championship belt associated with the original Sheik’s territory. However, Wrecking Ball wanted no part of the new belts and declined to accept them, He said that he likes the current belt because it has a picture of The Ameican Flag on it along with the name of The Fixers. An incensed Billy Corgan then informed Wrecking Ball he should...

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