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In most cases a soft, lint free cloth will do the trick to keep your new belt looking good. If it has been handled excessively and needs more than just a soft cloth, use a spray-on window cleaner such as Windex, this will do the trick and will not damage your plating. If you have a gold or dual plated belt, then you should not use polishes of any kind, only the window cleaner. Polishes WILL DAMAGE or REMOVE all your gold plating!!! We will NOT be responsible for repairing these damages or any other abuse free of charge. If your belt is only plated in nickel, the window cleaner should still do the trick, but I also recommend Mother’s brand Mag & Aluminum polish if you have let your belt get dull by not keeping it clean. The trick is to use it sparingly and not let it get deep into the etched grooves of your belt where it will be hard to remove. Once again, that advice is ONLY for nickel plated belts!! Mother’s brand polish WILL remove the gold on your dual or gold plated belts so DO NOT use it on them!!!

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