Photos: The New Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Belt

Photos: The New Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Belt

On this week’s episode of WWE SmackDown, Roman Reigns celebrated his 1,000th day as champion, and a new title belt was introduced, as expected.

During the nearly 30-minute main event segment, Triple H appeared in the ring to present Reigns with a new championship belt. The new belt will be known as the “Undisputed WWE Universal Championship” and will replace the two belts Reigns has been wearing.

After Triple H wrapped the belt around Reigns’ waist, the Tribal Chief demanded that the WWE Universe recognize him. This prompted The Usos to confront their leader.

Following a back-and-forth between Jimmy and Roman, the latter instructed Jey to superkick his brother in order to resolve the situation. Jey paused, and Jimmy stated that nothing could be fixed because Reigns is losing it these days.

Reigns then instructed Solo Sikoa to inform the Usos of his allegiance, prompting Sokoa to state that, while he respects Reigns, the Usos are his brothers.

Jimmy and Roman got into it again, this time with Jimmy pie-facing Reigns. Jey was ultimately successful in calming things down. Sikoa drilled Jimmy with the Samoan Spike and left with Reigns after Jimmy and Reigns hugged it out and everything appeared to be fine within The Bloodline.

Below are some photos and videos from the segment and the new title belt:

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