frequesnt asked questions

MOC BELTS specializes exclusively in high-end championship belts for World-class wrestlers, athletes, and business professionals around the globe. If you are tired of the same old boring single layer belts you see everywhere and demand more for yourself, you have come to the right place! Top Rope Belts will design and create a unique belt exclusively for you, to perfectly fit your needs and set you apart from the crowd.

Continuing to push boundaries and transcend the ordinary, we have pioneered such concepts as negative space belts, championship belts with 3D elements, rotating plates, and even belts that light up to music! With innovative ideas and unique concepts, we produce trendsetting custom belts for our clients around the world.

Our designs are meticulously hand drawn with every attention to detail and incorporate personal elements to ensure that each belt is perfect for you, the client. By working closely with you, listening to your needs and by exchanging feedback we will exceed your expectations and guarantee your complete satisfaction!

Since 2006, MOC  Belts has been creating the finest custom and traditional championship belts in the world. With our innovative thinking, we continue to shape the future of championship belt making and we continue to demonstrate why our motto is: TRADITION & INNOVATION!


There are plenty of reasons that separate us from any other belt manufacturers. From quality control to customer satisfaction, MOC Belts strives to be your only solution for award materials and memorabilia. As we said, there are many ways that separate us from our competitors and below are just a few.

1. How are quality leathers / metals chosen?​

MOC Belts takes pride in our 100% genuine hand tooled leather straps. From straps falling apart to straps coming un-stitched, we’ve heard hundreds of horror stories of what our current customers went through in dealing with other manufacturers. More importantly, we listened! We realized the leather i s as important as the metal that dresses it. In saying that, we put much needed focus on the straps.

Our use 100% real leather with finest hand tooling on s traps in the market to deliver our customers best return on investment in market, We also offer custom straps in a variety of colors, cuts and materials at the customer's request with no additional charges.

No plastic here as our belts are made from strong high grade zinc and brass. This allows the MOC Belts design team to provide better cuts where we can laser/etch the design specific to your needs. In some cases, our stock belts are made with die casted molds which includes aluminium and other metals.

2. What can a customer expect from the materials chosen for their belt?

At MOC Belts we only provide the BEST materials for our customers! Based on customer feedback, we spent six years making improvements in perfecting the right combination of materials. From 100% genuine leather strap, we only use the best materials from top to bottom process. This allows MOC Belts to continuously provide superb quality and keep our costs low where everyone can afford them. 

3. How durable is our stitching method?

The stitching method on our belts is double stitched and in some cases, triple stitched! From the shape and size to its thickness(weight),each belt is slightly different. Belts with heavier plates require safer security with double or triple stitching. We do offer a single stitch option but more times use the double or triple stitch method. The end result isto assure MOC Belt customers the enjoyment of our products for years to come as our belts and straps will not come apart.

4. How does our etching rate to others in the market?

MOC Belts has specific system where our design team provides fine etching with close attention to detail.

5. Does MOC Belts plates fall over over time?

Simply NO, our plates DON’T fall off unlike other manufacturers! MOC Belts securely mounts the plates to the straps with welded screws(no rivets) and offers lifetime warranty on plates and leather assembly  

6. What kind of guarantee does MOC Belts offer?

We offer 100% money back quality on our products because We stand stronger behind our work 100%! If anything is not to your liking, we ask you to contact MOC Belts immediately. In fact, we encourage it. MOC Belts strives on superior customer service which will help our company grow! In a nutshell, we have the greatest customer service team in the business...PERIOD!

7. How does MOC Belts art work separate itself from other manufacturers?

Our art department is the absolute best!  MOC Belts takes pride in designing custom championship belts that look great! One of thefirst things you’ll notice in a MOC Belts belt is our belts uniqueness. Westandout when compared to replicas other companies make and sell. Our belts have a more modern look. The MOC Belts art team has the creative minds and skills to set you apart with your championship belt. Whether it’s stock art work or a fully custom premier belt, we want you looking the absolute best with yours pecial request. Click here to start your order today!

8. Why do we put so much effort and time into our the process of designing and making the belts?

MOC Belts wants you to have the best product possible. That is why we put so much time and effort into producing your championship belt. We have a gauntlet of checks and balances that your product goes through before we send it packing. We promise whichever shipping you select, it will be worth the wait. Like any business, we want to expand and that starts with customer satisfaction!

9. Payment / Order Process 

We offer 100% secure payments for all your purchases, Besure to include all your information and the name of the belt in stock. Once we receive your information, a file for your order is created in our system. A ticket is then emailed to us and we can begin the process after receiving your images, graphics, logos, wording, etc. for you custom item. A50% deposit is required before production begins. Upon completion of belt, MOC Belts will send images of final product. Remain balance is also due at this time.

Stock products are generally faster with a 5-7 business day lead time for production once artwork is approved and payment has been made. For an additional fee, we do offer a 2-3 business day rush if needed.

10. What shipping method does MOC Belts primarily use?

The easiest question. For international orders, we use UPS,FEDEX or DHL priority shipment for ultra fast shipping