Layway payments plan


Amount down?

We ask for $25.00 or more down for each championship belt you want to layaway.

How long?

You can make payments for up to 6 months. Terms? After making the down payment of $25.00 or more you then can make payments as often as you like, for any amount that you like. Once the item is paid in full it ships. 6 months is the max time allowed, but we are understanding people. So if you have tried to make payments and run out of time we fully understand stuff happens and can give you extra time. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ON LAYAWAY PAYMENTS!

What can I layaway?

You can do layaway on any new or pre-owned belts. You can also layaway on custom belts and accessories as well. Combo deals put on layaway may be subject to a higher price.

What are the payment options?

Click the link at the top of the page to start your layaway. We take all major credit cards (through Paypal. No account necessary), PayPal and money orders.



Once your layaway is set up simply send PayPal payments by requesting our PAYPAL EMAIL,  please use the goods and services option when making layaway payments
. We will message you each time we get a payment from you once we have a chance to process it to your account. You don’t need to message to let us know you made payments. We will always message you once we get around to processing your payment. This is done normally within hours, but could take up to 36 hours.