Imperfect sales

Save big on your favorite handmade titles sold on deep discount price to clear our space! These imperfect titles are perfect for those who are on a budget and still want to start the collection on best value in the market 

These belts are still perfect to use. So if a few bumps and bruises doesn't stop you from scoring a deal then check out our list of awesome titles with minor flaws

Imperfect belts are like-new returns titles with minor flaws sold at a deep discount price. Other companies would sell the same products as brand new. However, due to our high standards we offer these belts at a discounted price due to these small imperfections but at lowest price, + FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE,  means you will get best return on money spend in market , We do not have pictures of imperfections as they vary from belt to belt. Feel free to search for reviews from our satisfied imperfect sales customers. 

It is first come, first serve and there is no waiting list. All Imperfect sales are Final.

Shop with confidence and order more later 

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